How to knit streamer stitch

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Easy stitches don’t have to be boring, and today we’ll show you how. With a base worked in rib stitch, a tapestry needle, and a strand yarn, you can make these fun streamers to adorn your spring clothes. Can you imagine how they’d look on a cardigan? 🙂

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For this tutorial, we’ve used three of our 8 mm knitting needles and one skein of The Petite Wool.

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You will also need a tapestry needle to add a fun touch to this stitch.

Before you begin, here’s a list of the stitches you should already know:

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Let’s start working the base of the stitch. You should cast on a multiple of 6 stitches + 2, then work the following two rows:

Row 1 (right side):  * purl 2, knit 4 *. Repeat from * to * until there are 2 stitches left on your needle and purl them.

Row 2 (wrong side): * knit 2, purl 4 *. Repeat from * to * until there are 2 stitches left on your needle and knit them.

Repeat these two rows until you reach the desired length for your page. On the next right-side row: cast off the stitches, working them as in row 1.

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Now, we’ll begin making the streamers. In the image above, to the right, is the cast off edge, and on the left, is the is the base.

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First, thread the tapestry needle with the same yarn you used on the base.

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On the wrong side, make a small knot to attach the thread so that it cannot pull through and to allow you to comfortably make the streamers.

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Pass the yarn from the wrong side of the work to the right, so that you are working on one of the sides of the group of 4 knit stitches.

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This will establish the distance between the streamer loops. In our case, we’re going to leave 6 rows. This distance should always be the same.

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Now insert the tip of the needle on the right side of the group of points and pull it out in a straight line at the other end.

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This is how you’ll leave the loop once you’ve finished the previous step.

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Repeat the last three steps as many times as necessary until you reach the lower part of the base.

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Now gently pull the yarn, so that the streamer is pursed. Be careful not to pull too much and that all the sections are even.

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Tie it to the back of the fabric so that it doesn’t come undone. Easy, right?

You’ve now seen that with a stitch as simple as ribbing, combined with a tapestry needle, can do real wonders. We look forward to seeing how you use this tutorial, and, as always, share them on social media with the hashtag #weareknitters