How to join yarn and finish garments with a felting needle

Many people say that tying knots in your yarn is almost a mortal sin. Also by tying knots you run the risk of your work unraveling if the knot is not tied tightly, and your work will be full of unsightly bumps. So I am going to show you a different technique: Felt your yarn with a needle! The felting technique can be used to join two balls of yarn as well as to finish a project.


We Are Knitter’s wool is perfect for felting since it is made from 100% pure wool, a necessary quality for felting. One technique for felting wool requires a special needle, you can find them in many crafts stores or the notions shop closest to your home. It is called a felting needle.


To join two strands of yarn, unravel the end of each piece of yarn to make it easier to join them. Work on top of a soft base, take your felting needle and start needling, or jabbing, the yarn while holding the needle very straight.


The more you jab the needle into the yarn, the harder the wool becomes, so make sure that that it is not too tight so that you can continue to knit easily with the joined yarn.


You can also use this technique to hide the loose ends when you have finished knitting your project. Just make sure to hide the end strategically so that you don’t see where you have used the felting needle.

And now a challenge: try felting a base of yarn like the heart in the photo, you will find that it is very simple and quick to do, and the results are really pretty. You can make any shape that you want to, you just have to jab the needle while letting your imagination run while creating shapes for you projects that will make it uniquely your own. It’s another way to customize all of your projects. Be sure to share your photos on social media with the hashtag #weareknitters.